The Analycat Earthquake Modelling Software was created under the supervision of Professor Andrzej Kijko. The model is completely open and flexible, allowing users to choose their own maps, regions, levels of completion, statistical calibration of areas, synthetic catalogue, attenuation, damage curves, demand inflation and scenarios.


The earthquake model has a built in mapping system:

Setting historical catalog completeness:

Data visualization – 3D mapping:


The Analycat Flood Model is an enhancement of Professor Coulthard’s program, CAESAR LISFLOOD based on the Bates methodology. The model links dynamically to Google Maps™ to allow users to define any scenario they can imagine and let underwriters rate and evaluate every 90m block in the area.


Dynamic mapping system makes flood and elevation maps on the fly:

Choose a target area then zoom in by panning down the zoom function:

Mouse over a point to get details of a single address:

Licenses are available by country or sets of countries or by regional suite.

Your enquiries are welcome. Demos or quotations are available for outsourced private modelling, individual risks (geocoded), or portfolio projects (cresta, post code or area specific).