Does Disaggregation Matter?

A growing number of portfolios are coming from emerging markets where data arrives without granularity. As your company grows in emerging markets, location uncertainty will be growing too.

Some models have disaggregation methodologies. Why do I need a standalone disaggregator?

1. Because results are so sensitive to location, you may not wish to let others take this decision for you.

2. You may wish to refine their disaggregation with tweaks of your own.

3. If you are comparing two different models with different disaggregators, you are not comparing apples with apples.

4. Some of the newest and best modelling companies are missing this feature but you don’t want to miss out on their superior models and methodologies.

Combining Power and Speed

The interface on Disa is fast, graphical and easy. Work done once is stored in a MySQL database for reuse next year, creating knowledge continuity in the business and consistency in disaggregation.

Disaggregation by Risk Profiles and Deductibles

Portfolios can be disaggregated in tranches: A portfolio with 1000 homes can be split into 300 homes from 100k-500k; 500 homes from 500,000-1m… This means that each line can be given a deductible in correspondence with its value, and modelled with higher accuracy. A 2% deductible routinely reduces losses by 50%. Not modelling deductibles properly can be a huge impediment to precision.

Won’t this make our inputs huge and our
runtimes long?

Long run-times are not a reason to reduce precision. If you need faster systems, we are happy to consult on throughput acceleration.


Do you have a stochastic event set that you want to upload to Oasis?

1. Zonebin will easily convert your admin zones into a set of bins for the Oasis Loss Modeling Platform.

2. A friendly graphical interface will save you from the burden of programming all the internal files for Oasis.

3. The system also runs in batch mode so you can convert an entire stochastic set in the press of a button.

4. In Dll mode, the system can be added to your existing software without any chance of code interference and interruption.

Save Money and gain on Quality

1. The cost of Zonebin is designed to be less than the cost of producing it in-house.

2. By using the same code and support as other companies, you benefit from their user experience, requests and bug reports, without having to invest that hidden time.