Our Value Proposition

Analycat and its staff are committed to 100% transparency and integrity. Source code for all our new software is available to clients for review and all consulting is done transparently to leave value behind in the client’s organization. The intention is to be relevant and profitable, or go home. We never lock clients in. We never deliver late. Analycat is a client focused company that adjusts to the market in a quick and agile way.


Analycat and its staff are committed to serving the world market with top quality expert tools, achieving the highest levels of speed, precision, convenience and usability.

Our staff of programmers, scientists, academics, trainers and sales people are committed to working tirelessly to produce affordable, high-quality financial software tools through knowledge transfer, transparency and partnership.

Analycat delivers the next generation of financial tools by combining high throughput and accelerated computing with established scientific standards and algorithms, great graphics, flexibility and customization, with clear reporting.

Our History

Analycat was founded in 2008 as the parent company for various Cat Modeling companies around the world which use the Analycat software under various brands.

In South Africa the Analycat Eq model was sold exclusively to AonBenfield Africa who are still satisfied clients and make use of our South Africa Hail model. Because of exclusivity, the South African connection is called Xtremeloss Solutions and is currently being wound down.

In Asia, because of the unique needs of the market, specially enhanced and customised versions of the software are sold under the Catalytics brand which was founded in Singapore in 2009 by Richard Austen, Adi Hazan, and Dewi James with the intention of becoming the first wholly Asian Cat Modeling company.

All our companies set out to produce the type of models that the market was demanding but not receiving: fully open platforms that provide default, state of the art quality actuarial and scientific data, affordability, usability, strong graphics and relevant catastrophe management applications for in-house use of informed and risk-minded executives of insurers and reinsurers.

In Asia, Catalytics combined this with free training, providing aggregate assessments and catastrophe risk management over cresta zone or postal code or geocoded data to suit the company’s policy data levels. Catalytics delivers flexibility and self-determination for decision makers, underwriters, reinsurance buyers, CEO’s and CFO’s to consider all levels of retail and reinsurance pricing plus the software links to their reinsurance structures and DFA software for detailed financial assessment.

The company rapidly launched its first predictive catastrophe model, the Indonesian earthquake model, in collaboration with Maipark and the legendary Professor Zen. This is the first model of Indonesia made using local data and research as well as International data.

Within twelve months the company launched the Philippine earthquake model which is today used by most major local insurers as well as the ADB and PIRA for the new Philippines Earthquake Pool. The company has since expanded its ASEAN earthquake footprint to include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, offering an ASEAN suite of earthquake models. In November 2012 after two years of construction, Catalytics launched the new Flood Model that was immediately procured by Thai Re for all its lead cedants in Thailand in order to develop knowledge and mitigate flood risk in the Kingdom.

In August 2015 Analycat opened in London with an eye to supporting the market with new tools and skills. This was timed to coincide with the go-live of the Oasis Loss Modeling Platform in order to create tools which the platform may need but not yet have produced.