About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Analycat is dedicated to creating and serving world-class analytical AI software tools and solutions that connect technology with human needs in a way that’s helpful.

With Analycat, you can be sure that your company’s big data will be made more manageable, giving every end user more access to key insights than ever before. Speed, precision and usability is at the heart of what we do, partnering with our clients to put the very best global expertise at their fingertips for unmatched flexibility, customisability and above all else, transparency.

That’s the Analycat promise and we’re sticking to it.

Our Value Proposition

Analycat’s team of expert programmers, scientists, academics, and mathematicians are committed to 100% transparency and integrity.

We have all our source code independantly reviewed guaranteeing lasting value within your organisation. We’re a client-centric company that adjusts to the market with agility to deliver the highest standards on time, and within budget.

Our History

Analycat has its roots in the complex world of modeling natural disasters for the financial world.

Since 2008 our various software products have been used to prepare banks, insurers and countries for the worst possible financial blows from nature. Today we have taken that sophisticated knowledge of mathematics and programming and applied it to artificial intelligence. In South Africa the Analycat Eq and hail models were sold exclusively to AonBenfield Africa who used it for over 8 years. In Asia, because of the unique needs of the market, specially enhanced versions of the software were sold under the Catalytics brand, which was founded in Singapore in 2009 by Richard Austen, Adi Hazan, and Dewi James with the intention of becoming the first wholly Asian Cat Modeling company. The company went on to Partner with many premiere members of the market, including Maipark (the Indonesian Earthquake pool,) Thai re on flood (a model for them and all their cedants,) the National University of Singapore, ADB, the ASEAN government and others. In August 2015 Analycat opened in London with an eye to supporting the market with new tools and skills. This coincided with the rise of demand for Artificial Intelligence products and Analycat with its unique experience is able to offer a set of distinctive products for this market. All our companies set out to produce the type of software that the market demands but doesn’t get – fully transparent platforms that provide default, state of the art quality actuarial and scientific data, affordability, usability, strong graphics and flexibility for in-house use of informed and risk-minded stakeholders.

Do you wish you could read all the company data yourself?

Consider RADAR your personal data butler. This tool is designed to make your company’s big data more accessible in real-time, serving you only what you need to know when you need to know it.

Do you wish you could have an expert on call for every decision?

Trust Brain Everywhere to be your employee of the month, every month. This unique AI super tool replicates the part of your brain that makes expert decisions to optimise your business’s productivity and profitability.

Are there gaps in your data that need to be filled?

Analycat’s Data Positioning System has got you covered with a user-friendly Microsoft Excel add-in that can audit data in real-time to find those anomalies and fill in those data gaps intelligently.