Our Specialists

Our Specialists

Adi Hazan

Adi Hazan is a software specialist and founding member of Analycat in South Africa and Catalytics in Singapore. He is an auto-didact (self-educated) who sold his first commercial software at the age of 13, giving him 35 years of experience in the industry. Adi does specialist programming in various fields including mathematical modelling, GIS, financial reporting, wireless systems, and statistical fingerprint recognition.

He has been Executive Chairman of Catalytics Asia for 4 years and was previously Chief Technical Officer of the London Actuarial firm, James-Brennan & Associates. Adi has consulted for several years throughout the ASEAN region and has been on the ASEAN Insurance Council forum of Academic Advisers, representing Singapore for over 3 years.

Marco Castello

Marco Castello obtained a Ph.D in Bioengineering and Biorobotics at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in 2017 specialising in Image Processing and Software Control System applied to super resolution microscopy, parallel computing for image processing and mathematical modeling. Prior to that, he received first honor class Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Bioengineering at University of Genoa (Italy), with research experience in their joint lab between Harvard University and MIT (Boston). In addition, he has a diploma of proficiency for a 5-year extracurricular excellence program in information and communication technology (ICT) awarded by the ISICT superior institute (www.isict.it). Marco has published 18 publications in peer-reviewed international journals and numerous proceedings at international conferences.

Andrea Papadopulo

Andrea is tasked with the day to day operation of INOVAIO. In 1998, Andrea developed a student website, Studentzone.co.za. This website was very successful and was ranked, at the time, as the second busiest site on Ananzi. Studentzone had in excess of two hundred thousand hits per week and close to one hundred and eighty thousand registered users. The site was subsequently sold to a marketer for research purposes. In 2001, he conceptualized the ATM lottery. This technology would enable the public to buy lottery tickets via an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). The ATM lottery innovation was the subject of a patent application. In 2010, he embarked on the development of a mobile banking solution, Mobanka (Mobile Banking for Africa) (Trademark: 2011/02633). In March 2011 Andrea began working on Monwi. A unique and disruptive technology to address inefficiencies in online discounting. In 2014, his UK based company – Advurtz Limited, embarked on a social transformation widget, Sotrascore, for small/medium sized companies. In 2016, Andrea started INOVAIO – An innovation consultancy. INOVAIO identifies, develops and implements meaningfully unique innovations in bio and business technology.

Kiron Chatterjee

⦁ Hong Kong born. Over 45 years IT and Business Management Experience in HK, Asia and India. ⦁ Experienced CEO, CIO, Consultant and Workshop Facilitator. Alumni of Research Board and Gartner EXP. ⦁ Worked for large multinational company’s including Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong Land, Price Waterhouse Management Consultants, Hutchison Ports, Gammon Construction, Reliance Industries – India’s largest private conglomerate and Mumbai Airport. ⦁ CIO for one of the 10 largest development and airport projects in the 20th Century – CLK Airport Hong Kong 1992 – 1999 ⦁ Today focused on how organizations can strategically leverage fast emerging technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to create new secure revenue channels AND what steps they can take internally to create and support an internal culture of Silicon Valley type innovation thinking. For further information, please see LinkedIn Profile below: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kironchatterjee/

Steve Tunstall

Steve has over thirty years of experience in owning, running and future proofing companies. He has been CEO, Managing Director or equivalent in eight companies in four countries managing teams of up to 500 employees and based in Asia for over 20 years. He has deep domain knowledge in risk, resilience, commercial insurance and compliance. Steve has run and advised multiple captive insurance companies in Asia along with the conglomerates that own them. Recently Steve has been heavily involved in thought leadership globally in the emerging areas of Insurtech, Fintech and the application of blockchain or distributed ledger technology. Tunstall Associates provide advice on global risk, insurance, compliance and crisis management matters to the boards and senior management teams of several of Asia’s largest conglomerates and their captives headquartered from Singapore, Hong Kong and The Philippines. The company helps large complex conglomerates design the most suitable global insurance programs that protect and allocate balance sheet risk most effectively with particular reference to challenging jurisdictions.


Co-founder of DeepLiquid which a diagnostic tool for financially distressed businesses. Senior lecturer at the University of Pretoria in Turnaround Management and Strategy. Vivid patriot of business analytics and behavioral strategy.

Isak van der Walt

Co-founder of DeepLiquid which is a diagnostic tool for financially distressed businesses. Isak holds a Bsc. in Information Technology, Design and Innovation and is a seasoned Digital Strategist.

David Piesse

Combining insurance, IT and risk management over a 35 year career David has worked all financial sectors. He is a specialist in Asia. Holds a certificate of geology and remote sensing to apply to natural disasters and effect on the environment from socio economic and insurance claims aspect

Global Insurance Evangelist and Advisory Board Member of Guardtime, a cybersecurity firm specialising in data centric security and founder of data integrity standard Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI). 

David is on the global advisory board for Ultimate Risk Solutions enacting capital/solvency modelling based on actuarial and stochastic methods, the strategy of world insurance regulation and a Partner/Advisor to Analycat Ltd helping to build a strong Asia/Global pipeline.

Specialties: Cyber Risk, Enterprise Risk Management , Blockchain, Dynamic Financial Analysis , Catastrophe Modelling , Microinsurance , AI and Disruptive technologies.

July 18th 2017 David received the Kenneth Black Jr Distinguished Service Award from the International Insurance Society. 


John Robbins

John Robbins is a cofounder of Wintellect, where he heads their consulting and debugging services. He also travels the world teaching his Mastering .NET Debugging and Mastering Windows Debugging courses so that developers everywhere can learn the techniques he uses to solve the nastiest software problems known to man. As one of the world’s recognized authorities on debugging, John takes an evil delight in finding and fixing impossible bugs in other people’s programs.

Jeff Prosise

Jeff Prosise makes his living writing apps for Microsoft platforms and teaching others how to do the same. With expertise in HTML5, Windows, and Windows Phone, he travels the world enlightening audiences about tools and techniques for creating rich apps. A former engineer who discovered after college that there’s more to life than computing loads on mounting brackets, today Jeff’s passion is for mobile development and the Microsoft Web stack. He works closely with Microsoft product teams in Redmond, WA, to track the latest advances in these technologies. Jeff has written nine books and hundreds of magazine articles, in addition to prolifically blogging about his latest adventures, passions, and discoveries in programming.

Professor Andrzei Kijko

Prof Andrzej Kijko is the Director of the Natural Hazards Centre for Africa that is located within the premises of the University of Pretoria. As an internationally acclaimed researcher, he has been active in engineering geophysics and seismology for over 36 years. Professor Kijko’s interests and responsibilities have taken him around the world, giving him a wide range of experience from the various research posts and consulting positions he has held.
More than a hundred of his publications have appeared in academic journals. Professor Kijko is the author of a book on statistical methods in engineering seismology and he has also co-authored a book on mining seismology. At present, he is working on a book on statistical methods in seismology, with special attention to engineering applications. This book was initiated and co-authored by the late Professor Keiiti Aki. Professor Kijko was also appointed onto the Editorial Board of Earth Science India in 2011.