Let Radar become your personal data butler

RADAR stands for Rapid Data Reader and it’s the quickest, most efficient way to keep an eye on your company’s big data.   Way too many industry experts spend day and night searching through unimportant data in the hopes of finding exceptions, anomalies and issues. That takes up time. Time that could be better spent on running your business.

Trust Radar to Help you:


Scan data that is bigger than a human eye can read


Audit big data as it arrives


Alert you to intervene only when you’re needed most


Rectify issues & errors immediately to avoid disaster

Radar is ideal for these sectors

Transport • Agriculture • Insurance • IOT • Scada

Want to see what Radar can do?

View our library of example use cases that put Radar to the test in multiple industries.

Monitoring IOT/Telemetry
Sue can convert any telemetry from a reactive rule base to a predictive model that will avoid unplanned stoppages and nip problems before they become critical. Sue is the ideal AI for IOT. With the vast amounts of telemetry being generated by IOT, there are not enough experts and engineers to read it all. Sue can read every telemetry reading and email / autocall /  refertohuman when action is needed. IOT, Mining, High Precision Farming, Telcoms, Vehicle Monitoring See IOT Use Case See Vehicle Telemetry Use Case

Does menial work for you

That’s why we decided to build RADAR to step in and use its AI superpowers to do all the menial work for you, alerting you only when you’re needed most. This means your top employees can stop reading repetitive data and start solving real problems.

And here’s the kicker: you can train RADAR to think exactly like you, replicating your expertise to save you time, money and manpower. Now that’s cutting-edge AI at its finest.

Are you ready to enter a brand new era of data reading?

For a free RADAR trial, reach out to us at freepoc@analycat.com.