Wintellect was founded by a team of technology experts who are renowned in the industry, with the goal of providing the highest level of custom software development, architecture, and training expertise to their clients. Their mission is to help customers “build better software, faster,” and to do this they have structured the company as a dedicated team of technology experts accompanied by the top tier of software engineers.

In the training world, Wintellect are one of the top trainers on the Microsoft platform in the U.S., including for Microsoft itself where they train their own product team, developers and testers in Redmond and around the world. Wintellect is the #1 trainer for Microsoft’s Engineering Excellence group.

Wintellect’s in-depth approach to instruction and breadth of expertise differentiates it from other training firms. Many training companies only focus on the theoretical aspects of the technology, while Wintellect stresses the importance of providing knowledge transfer in practical applications with an emphasis on a thorough understanding of the technology, customized to fit your company’s needs.

Wintellect have several options to meet your ever-changing training needs and budget.
If travel budgets are tight but you want to drill down on topic areas with a live instructor, Live Virtual Training is an excellent option. All Wintellect courses are available for live virtual training.

Premium training can be found in fully customizable On-Site Training that provides industry-leading world-class instruction tailored to meet your team’s needs and questions immediately. Your team will get the same training taught and vetted to Microsoft developers.