The Problem
  • Every day thousands of spreadsheets move around the world in random formats
  • Before your company can use them they have to be manually converted into a fixed format
  • This conversion can be different in different contexts and requires expert users
  • Because it’s done afresh each time, work is repeated and costs are escalated forever
  • The scope for mistakes is renewed afresh on every arrival
  • Delays are caused throughout the organization
The Solution
  • CAI learns from your user
  • CAI has an audit trail for oversight
  • When a repeat spreadsheet comes in CAI will redo what was done in the past using AI
  • CAI remembers customizations used in each case and will customise for each client
  • CAI is transparent and leaves the user in charge
  • By using Excel-like formulas, CAI has a short learning curve
  • CAI doesn’t trap you into a one-size-fits-all approach to your clients and their data